Our Family Based Mental Health Services are designed to keep families together within the home and community, with the family being the primary caregiver.

Treatment is focused on the family as a whole, empowering the family to use existing strengths and skills as well as natural supports to make positive, long-lasting changes that will help them develop self-reliance and improve quality of life. Services are designed to return a child and/or adolescent to the home, or to prevent an out-of-home placement. Services are delivered by a team that includes one Master’s level therapist and a Bachelor’s level therapist (or two Master’s level therapists) provided in the home or community, and adapted to accommodate the schedules of family members.

Our staff will work collaboratively with the family, natural supports, and other service providers to set goals, provide services, monitor progress, and plan for discharge. Families are encouraged to take an active role in treatment assessment, planning, and implementation. We design services to be least restrictive, time-limited (typically 32 weeks), and culturally competent.

These are voluntary services and require consent for initiation, one parent or adult to agree to participate in services, as well as a completed referral form or precertification form. In addition, Family Based Mental Health Services (children under the age of 21) require a psychological/psychiatric evaluation or prescription letter from a doctor recommending this service as medically necessary. 

There are no fees to families for these services. Families must have Medical Assistance to qualify for services. 

Your child’s psychiatrist or licensed psychologist can contact us to make a referral:

Glade Run Referral Coordinator
(P) 724-452-4453, ext. 1084
(F) 724-452-2395

The form below is intended to be used for general inquiries. In the event of an emergency or mental health crisis, please call 911 or your local county crisis center. A list of crisis centers can be found here.

Service Inquiry Form


Family Based 2022 Annual Report