St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy

We are a licensed, private K-12 school dedicated to providing a positive, safe and nurturing learning community. St. Stephen’s has three Western Pennsylvania locations — Zelienople, Sharon, and Utica. School districts may refer students online by completing our online referral form.

The students and staff of St. Stephen’s Academy collaborate using the framework of our Sanctuary certification, School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and the School as a Society model. Every interaction with a student is an opportunity to help them learn, grow and heal. Furthermore, St. Stephen’s Academy promotes growth through educational and therapeutic activities with an outdoor classroom, as well as utilizing the plants and animals at Glade Run Adventures.


St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy
P.O. Box 70, Beaver Rd.
Zelienople, PA 16063

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy North
396 Buhl Boulevard
Sharon, PA 16146

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy Utica
3823 Academy St.
Utica, PA 16362


Amy Richert
Vice President / Education
724-452-4453 x1193

Brandy Dietrich
724-452-4453, ext. 1154

Michael Pendred
Assistant Principal
724-452-4453 x2202

Doug Harr
Assistant Principal
724-452-4453 x1153

Randy Harrison
Behavioral Services Coordinator
724-452-4453 x1009

Maria Clark
Behavioral Services Coordinator
724-452-4453 x2216

Kelly Wheeler
Enrollment Coordinator
724-452-4453 x1124

Chris Smith
ASD Program Manager
724-452-4453, ext. 2103

Front Desk
Phone: 724-452-4453, ext. 1171
Fax: 724-452-0468

Linda Cumer
School Counselor
724-452-4453 x2205

Ted Orlowski
Assistant Director, Family Support and Clinical Support
724-452-4453 x2203

Leslie Welsh
Records Coordinator
724-452-4453 x1139

St. Stephen’s North and Utica
Jill Manczka