“Tiny Brain Clumps Offer New Clues into the Cause of Autism”


Technology Review reports: Brain “organoids” made from the stem cells of autism patients could help researchers determine the factors that lead to the disorder.

“The work, published today, illustrates the value of using three-dimensional brain structures, which re-create natural conditions more accurately than traditional two-dimensional cell cultures, to investigate the physical basis of poorly understood brain disorders. Though some 80 percent of autism cases have no clear genetic cause, it is generally accepted that the disorder can be traced back to things that go wrong during early brain development, and the ability to observe embryonic brain development could yield valuable insights that may reveal how to treat or even reverse it.”

Read the full article: http://www.technologyreview.com/news/539306/tiny-brain-clumps-offer-new-clues-into-the-cause-of-autism/

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