Volunteer Spotlight: Bridget Bauer

Bridget Bauer is a college sophomore, a mental health sector social worker in the making, and a dedicated volunteer at Glade Run Lutheran Services. She attends Chatham University and aspires to obtain a Master’s degree in social work, and eventually her clinical license.

Bauer learned about Glade Run from her advisor at Chatham University. “I have always found volunteering to be extremely rewarding, (so when) my academic advisor at Chatham suggested a couple of organizations in which I could get involved, I did research on each, and Glade Run seemed to be the best fit,” said Bauer. “It was close to home and would allow me to do more than just office work.”

Now, Bauer leads a weekly mentoring group for young girls on Glade Run’s Zelienople campus. Each visit, she teaches them a new craft or activity. “We have painted bird houses, designed and created journals, and decorated picture frames; just to name a few,” said Bauer.

Bauer enjoys many aspects of volunteering at Glade Run, including the connection she’s formed with the girls. “I enjoy seeing the accomplishment that many of them feel after they complete the activity,” said Bauer. “For that reason, among others, the highlight of my week is coming to Glade Run to volunteer.”

Along with volunteering herself, Bauer encourages others to give back. “If you are hesitant about getting involved, don’t be. You won’t regret it. It has been a blessing to be involved with Glade Run and the services that they offer to the community,” said Bauer.

Interested in becoming a volunteer like Bridget Bauer? Contact Julia Gebhart, volunteer coordinator at 724-452-4453 ext. 1338.

– written by Kaitlyn Craig

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