Specialized Adventures Camp

A social skills development camp for individuals ages 8 – 18. Any child in need of social skill development is welcome, however, the camp is specially designed for children with moderate to high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders. This is not an ESY Camp but may be covered for some school districts as ESY.  The camp runs Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

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2019 Summer Camp Application

Pricing- $1,200/camper/two week session

Summer Camp Application

  • mm/dd/yyyy
    Please select either or both options.
  • Please include address and phone number for each contact.
    Please mark one of the choices.
  • If you selected school district funding, please provide the name of the school district, the school district contact name, and phone and email contact information.
    All campers with seizure precautions require medical history clearance from physician for mounted activities.
    If child takes medication during summer camp hours, the attending physician's written instructions must be submitted at the start of camp with medication provided in a sealed and labeled Ziploc bag. Staff will not administer medication; camper must self-administer with staff supervision.
  • Please select all that apply.

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