Thank you for choosing Glade Run’s Counseling Center to meet your needs.  We offer a wide variety of services within the Outpatient Counseling Centers, including Individual, Family and Group Therapy.  Each therapist has specialties to address your needs.  Take a few minutes to read more about our team of therapists at each site to learn how they can assist you in meeting your goals.  Feel free to contact me or the site supervisor to answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to serving you.  We also offer psychiatric services including evaluations and medication management.

Beth Dalmagro
Outpatient Program Manager 
Beaver Falls, Butler, Cranberry and Pittsburgh
Glade Run Lutheran Services
group in a therapy session
Bvr Teen DBT Group Flyer 5-17-01

Program Offering

Glade Run Beaver Falls office is offering a new teen DBT group. Please check out our flyer below for additional information.

Interested parties should contact Sara Kowalok, Outpatient Admissions Coordinator at (724) 453-4453, ext. 1084.

Family based mental health services provide in-home, intensive, team-delivered services for children and adolescents less than 21 years of age.

We are happy to answer any questions and there is never an obligation.

For intake, please call our Program Manager of Family Therapy, Lisa Kirschner, at 724-452-4453 ext. 1089.

Lisa Kirschner
724-452-4453 ext. 1089
Program Manager,
Family Therapy Services

A case manager assists individuals with immediate needs and supports the development of basic living skills in areas such as housing, food, medical care, education, employment and recreation.

This program creates the lifelong skills that enable continued personal growth, address mental health and medical needs, build confidence and strengthen relationships.

If you are a resident of Beaver County, call to schedule an intake appointment. We are happy to answer any questions, and there is never an obligation to inquire about an intake appointment.

For intake, please call the Supervisor of Blended Case Management Services, Mary Winters.

Mary Winters
(724) 843-0816 ext. 104
Program Supervisor,
Blended Case Management Services

Mary Rhunke
(724) 843-0816 ext. 104
Program Manager,
Blended Case Management Services

Master’s level therapists provide treatment to meet individualized goals. Therapists use a variety of methods that may include individual, couples, family or group

On-site psychiatric services are also available for both evaluation and medicine management purposes.

We are happy to answer any questions and there is never an obligation.

For intake, please call our Outpatient Admissions Coordinator, Sara Jayroe, at (724) 264-TALK.


Beth Dalmagro
Program Manager,
Outpatient Counseling
724-452-4453, ext. 1896

Unlike individual therapy sessions, group therapy offers participants the opportunity to interact with others with similar issues in a safe, supportive environment. Participants can try out new behaviors, role play, and engage with others in not only receiving valuable feedback and insight from other group members, but also in giving it.

Next group being offered is for Adults with Anxiety.
8 weeks – weekly on Wednesdays
Starts: March 30, 2016
Ends: May 18, 2016
Time: 5:00 – 6:30 PM
Facilitated by Chrissy Staggers

For intake, please call our Outpatient Admissions Coordinator, Sara Jayroe, at (724) 264-TALK.

Beth Dalmagro
Program Manager,
Outpatient Therapy Services
724-452-4453, ext. 1896

Wraparound behavioral health rehabilitation services (BHRS) is offered for children and young adults up to age 21 who have behavioral health needs or an autism spectrum disorder.

At Glade Run, treatment truly wraps support around your child as we build a team with your family and the other significant people in your child’s life. Therapy is provided in your home and community to strengthen relationships and problem-solving skills.

The first step is to call and schedule an intake appointment. We are happy to answer any questions, and there is never an obligation to inquire about an intake appointment.

For intake, please call our Outpatient Admissions Coordinator, Sara Jayroe, at (724) 452-4453, ext. 1084.

Andrea Lopez
(724) 843.0816, ext. 116
Program Supervisor, Wraparound Services

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Hours and Details

The Beaver Falls Glade Run office is opened Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Night and weekend hours are available by appointment.

Most major insurance and medical assistance is accepted, however, certification varies by therapist; please call to confirm your eligibility if you have a preferred therapist.

Metered on street parking is available along 7th Avenue.

Beaver County Transit Authority Route 1


1008 Seventh Avenue
Beaver Falls, PA 15010
(724) 843.0816, Phone
(724) 843.0818, Fax


Meet the Beaver Falls Therapists

Christina Staggers, MA, LPC

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As a counselor, I strive to create a warm, safe, person centered environment for my clients. I believe that a safe and welcoming environment help my clients reach their full potential. I believe you have the strength necessary to meet your goals and develop healthy ways to cope with life’s everyday challenges. I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with you.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with ten years of diverse experience, working in both inpatient and outpatient settings. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. While most of my clinical experience has focused on individuals with Schizophrenia, I have also worked with many people on issues such as: anxiety/stress, depression, relational difficulties, grief/loss, coping skills and emotional management. I believe I have the tools available to help you reach your full potential to lead a healthy and rewarding life.

I received both my Bachelor and Master degrees from Geneva College.

License & Qualifications

Master’s in Counseling from Geneva College (2005)
License Number: PC 008149
Client Focus: All age groups
Insurances: VBH, UPMC, Highmark, Cigna, UBH, Aetna, Magellan
Specialties, Issues: Depression, Anxiety, DBT, Grief/loss, Schizophrenia,  coping skills, peer relationships, relationship issues, spirituality, mood disorders, self-esteem.

Tina McKenna, MSW, LCSW

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In a world where our own thoughts, experiences and interactions with the world
can result in strengthening or injuring, at times we may find ourselves struggling. But, every person possesses within what is needed to heal and become stronger.

As a therapist, I am honored and blessed to be able to walk the journey alongside others. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I received my graduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Through education, training and experience, I have developed a practice secure in addressing anxiety, depression, traumatic stress disorders, mood disorders, grief and loss, and relationship discord, including family and couple’s therapy.

I draw from many therapeutic models, such as Cognitive Behavioral, Internal
Family Systems, Trauma Focused, Empowerment, Couple’s, Family and Strength
Based Therapies. When working with children, whether to cultivate attachment,
better manage emotions or healing from past trauma, parents and other natural
supports are the key components, in concert with Play, Art and Bibliographic
Therapies, to realize success. Last year I completed the necessary basic training in EMDR and am currently working towards certification. I believe in continuing educational growth and skill sets to provide effective, comprehensive client driven therapy.

License & Qualifications

PA License Number: CW071510

Mary Joe Davis, MA, LPC

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Mary Joe Davis, M.A., L.P.C. is a licensed pastoral counselor specializing in treating depression, anxiety, marriage counseling, and drug and alcohol recovery, as well as women’s issues.

A native of Ellwood City, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree and her Master of Arts in Professional Psychology from Geneva College in Beaver Falls. She has been providing counseling in Beaver and Butler Counties since 1979.

Mary Joe is also an adjunct Instructor of Psychology for CCBC and BC3. She also provides workshops and seminars regarding stress management, assertiveness training, and parenting skills.

She’s been employed as an outpatient therapist at Glade Run for 12 years

License & Qualifications

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Janice Matteo

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I believe every individual deserves the opportunity for personal growth, achieving lasting behavioral health changes to move forward defining their unique vision through a genuine therapeutic relationship with their therapist achieving their goals in a safe, therapeutic environment.

I have been a Mental Heath Therapist working in partnership with adults, adolescents and children for 20 years to assist individuals in developing effective coping skills, identify and manage individual issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic mental health symptoms, build interpersonal relationships and make healthy lifestyle choices. I am a proactive member of the individual’s team demonstrating passion for supporting success of each individual with a therapeutic approach centered in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client-Centered Therapy and/or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy emphasizing solution focused goals for the client to progress toward life balance including Mind, Body and Spirit. I encourage overall wellness by addressing emotional health, diet, exercise, sleep habits, personal spirituality and positive lifestyle choices.

I graduated from Geneva College with my Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and my Master of Arts in Professional Psychology. My experience includes working with children and Adolescent in a Residential Treatment Facility providing Individual, Family and Group Therapy, along with facilitating Group Therapy and Individual Therapy in an Adult Day Partial Program.

License & Qualifications

Coming soon!

Emilie Mendala-Mathew, MSEd

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As an Outpatient Therapist with Glade Run Lutheran Services, I hope to add a Humanistic Approach and Wellness Model to the therapy services. My goal is to recognize all aspects of each person, couple, and family I work with and alter my services based individual/family needs with the understanding that no two people are the same! I believe each individual comes in with unique qualities: biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. It is my job to recognize this and appreciate the humanistic differences within and among us all. I believe therapy is a professional partnership between the client and the practitioner in an effort to promote the client’s overall wellness. I work from a wellness model in which the mind, body, and soul healing is often times discussed. Creating and maintaining a healthy balance within the complete individual/family is essential, but easily unbalanced due to life circumstances. With alternative tools and strategies, along with a safe place to discuss freely what is going on with you, improvements can be made!

Because I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach, I do maintain an integrative style which allows for diverse treatments. I recognize and appreciate multiple theories and techniques, and utilize the one(s) I believe is best fit for the working relationship. Clients will be made aware of and a part of their entire journey! Throughout working with clients, I maintain a commitment to multicultural awareness and equality regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomics, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or family structure. I have the ability to work with diverse groups of individuals and have proven over the last eight years of working in the human services field my commitment to continuously seek skill enhancement and resources that will better serve those I work with.

I have worked with “at-risk” youth, teen mothers, single parents, partnered parents, couples, parent-child, gender identity and sexual orientation issues, community violence/trauma, addictions, domestic violence, and sexual assault. I have worked within urban settings as well as suburban and rural settings. I have presented speeches at universities regarding non-traditional students, single parents, and overcoming obstacles in life; in addition to establishing a support group for single mothers on campus. I have created and implemented a “Healthy Relationship” Advocacy Project in which individuals in a group setting explored the relationship they had with themselves and others. I have served a variety of age groups, but primarily adults and teens over 14 years of age.

All of the listed circumstance can bring an array of symptoms ranging from but not limited to PTSD, grief, anxiety, relational problems, depression, self-harm, lack of basic needs being met, family dysfunction, empty-nest syndrome, identity crisis, gender identity and gender role concerns. If you are struggling with any of this; or in life as a parent, teen, couple, or just YOU, I invite you to take the first step in reaching out. I believe we all have a responsibility in our own healing and growth. I encourage you to empower your own life by investing in yourself. You deserve it! No matter what your life circumstances, I want to help you live the best life possible for YOU.

License & Qualifications

Years in Practice: 8 years in the human services field throughout various role: mentor, advocate, life skills coach, program coordinator, family counselor, and mental health counselor (inpatient and outpatient), crisis shelters, and therapist.

Education: Duquesne University- MSEd, Clinical Mental Health (w/ advanced studies in Marriage and Family Counseling and Women and Gender Issues) University of Missouri, Kansas City- B.A., Psychology with a Minor/Concentration in Women and Gender Studies, and Minority Perspectives in Psychology, Maple Woods Community College- A.A.

American Counseling Association- Current
Pennsylvania Counseling Association- Current
Families against Mandatory Minimums- Past
Forms of Payments Accepted: VBH, CCBH, UPMC, and Self-Pay


Amanda Cozart

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As a therapist, I attempt to embrace people as they really are—as individuals with unique life experiences who may need support to rise above obstacles in their current lives. I try to empower my “partners”, YOU, to overcome personal barriers in the pursuit of discovering your full potential. It is my goal to provide you with clinically-tested and evidenced-based therapy in a warm, healing environment. I believe that we all need someone to talk with who will listen and accept us as we are, without judgment. As partners, we will explore issues that may prevent you from living the life you want while discovering ways to grow that will allow you to conquer your world. It is my hope that you will be able to look forward to your future with hope and confidence.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling and am currently pursuing licensure to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches—such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, Psychoeducation, and Motivational Interviewing—to help my clients depending on their needs. My experience includes working with children, adolescents and adults dealing with divorce, depression, grief and loss, women’s issues, parenting issues, mood disorders, as well as a variety of other challenges. I have partnered with clients who have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Mood Disorder (e.g. Bipolar or Depression), or Schizophrenia. Much of my experience includes working with clients and families to identify all strengths and resources they have—including psychological, social, cultural, spiritual, behavioral, familial, educational, vocational, developmental resources—to cope with life’s challenges.

If you are ready to bring positive change to your life, I encourage you to contact me. I look forward to working with you.

License & Qualifications

Years in practice:  10
Professional membership: Na
License number: pending
Insurance accepted: I’m currently accepting MA from VBH

julie henry.e

Julie Henry, MA, NCC

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Rene Descartes (French philosopher from the 1600’s) is known best for saying, “I think, therefore I am”.  I believe our inner thoughts and feelings are the lens we view ourselves, our world, and shape our perceptions.  Today’s lives are so overscheduled, and busy, and at times life can become unmanageable.  I hope to be present with individuals, and to create an understanding, calm, environment, to explore where someone is, where they want to be, and the inconsistencies holding them back, and causing imbalance in life.

My mental health career began with Wraparound Services, where I worked with children and their families who had the diagnoses of:  Autism, intellectual disabilities, Reactive Attachment Disorder, ODD and ADHD.  I worked with these children and families in their homes, schools and within their community.  I also moderated social groups such as:   anxiety, depression anger management and yoga and worked several summers in the Summer Therapeutic Camps (STAP).  After the completion of my Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Geneva College, I worked in addictions and recovery, with individuals who were in all in different places with their substance use and recovery.  In the addictions field I performed evaluations, individual counseling and Intensive outpatient group sessions within the outpatient setting.  I have also worked in a residential facility, with individuals with chronic mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, Bipolar or Autism.  The individuals in this setting need support to maintain a routine with activities of daily living and to attain life skills in order to live their lives to their fullest potential.

I am constantly looking at what goals individuals are working towards, where they are, and what obstacles or maladaptive behaviors are holding them back.  Using Motivational Interviewing, I help individuals set realistic goals and connect them with community resources to support the shaping of new behaviors.  I also have used techniques of cognitive behavior therapy to reshape perceptions and improve the individual’s outlook on a situation.  With individuals with chronic mental illness, I have used reality therapy to help them live fuller lives, to be more grounded and connected, and to distingush what is a delusion, and what is real.  Finally, when working with children with developmental delays, such as Autism, and behavior diagnoses, I would use play therapy, social stories, and role playing.

I have been very fortunate to have so many diverse experiences from working with preschoolers to geriatric adults in their 80’s, and with a wide range of diagnoses and life circumstances.   Additionally, I have had the privilege of so many individuals sharing their lives and inner thoughts with me, and joining them on their journey to make positive changes to move forward in their lives.

License & Qualifications

  • University Of Pittsburgh, Bachelors of Arts, Communications Disorders
  • Geneva College, Masters in Mental Health Counseling
  • National Accredited Counselor (NCC)
  • Paperwork has been submitted for Licensed Practicing Counselor (LPC)

Michael Matotek, M.Ed., CAC, LPC

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I am an outpatient therapist in Beaver Falls.  I have the LPC credential and Master's degree in counseling from Penn State.  I have had alot of life experiences having worked in the drug and alcohol field for over 33 years
at outpatient facilities, jails, and at an inpatient facility.  Also for 8 years I worked in Philadelphia as a caseworker.
 My Christian faith is very important to me.  I have been married over 44 years, have 5 children, and 11 grandchildren.  I try to use these various
life experiences in the counseling process.  I have learned many, many things from raising a family.   At times in counseling I will encourage, inspire,give advice, challenge clients to grow, strongly caution, teach,
rebuke,explain up-build damaged self-esteems, etc. with compassion and humility depending upon the needs of the client.  I have worked with many dual diagnosed clients over the years.  I am a creative therapist who likes
to use humor too.

I previously taught part-time at Penn State for 5 years and helped develop a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Program for Union and Snyder counties. I graduated from Penn State University with a M.Ed. in Counseling and from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

Some of my many clinical areas of interest include self-esteem, anger management, stress management, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol counseling as a secondary diagnosis, and families affected by addiction, stage of life adjustments, spirituality, and relationship issues.

I work with teens to the elderly.

License & Qualifications

I have been an LPC for over 17 years, and I previously taught part-time at Penn State for 5 years and helped develop a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Program for Union and Snyder counties. I graduated from Penn State University with a M.Ed. in Counseling and from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.

PC 000684