Guinea Pigs Are Autistic Child’s Best Friend


[Photo by Sandos.]

Lately, I’m into touting the new research that shows the benefits of ASD children interacting with guinea pigs. Here’s an excerpt from one interesting article I came across recently:

“When playing with guinea pigs at school, children with autism spectrum disorders are more eager to attend, display more interactive social behavior and become less anxious, according to a series of studies, the most recent of which was just published in Developmental Psychobiology.”

Continue reading the article, featured on The New York Times blog.

About the Author

Jamie Grace, Director of Autism at Glade Run Lutheran Services.

Jamie Grace has served as the Director of Autism Services at Glade Run Lutheran Services for the past 5 years. She is responsible for developing new autism-specific services and programs across the continuum at Glade Run Lutheran Services.

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