Volunteer Spotlight: Madelyn Dinnerstein

An avid juggler of 31 years, Madelyn Dinnerstein is sharing her passion for the unique hobby with youth at Glade Run.

As a long-time employee of Trib Total Media, and now editor of various publications including Gateway weeklies, McKnight Journal and North Journal, Dinnerstein first discovered Glade Run’s services 11 years ago through the Tribune Review. She has been volunteering ever since.

Madelyn sees juggling as a particularly good activity for kids at Glade Run. “Learning to juggle can help people focus, be a coping skill, and give kids who need attention a positive way to get it,” said Madelyn.

While learning to juggle has proven beneficial for both Madelyn and those whom she has taught, she admits that the hobby is not one that comes without work. “Some people learn to juggle very quickly; some have to work at it for a very long time.” Regardless of their pace, whenever a child does learn to juggle, Madelyn gets excited. “Sometimes I get more excited than the kid,” she admits.

Madelyn also enjoys other aspects of her role. “I love it whenever kids offer to teach new kids or staff [to juggle], and I get a kick out of it if they parrot phrases I used when I was teaching them.”

Over the course of her years volunteering at Glade Run, Madelyn has undoubtedly influenced many young lives. She feels equally moved as she recalls one experience in particular when a child wrote a poem about juggling and gave it to her. “That was really touching. It’s still attached to my refrigerator by a magnet,” said Madelyn.

Madelyn plans to continue volunteering indefinitely. “I think that everyone should learn how to juggle. Teaching kids how to juggle gives me the opportunity to make that happen.”

By Kaitlyn Craig

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