Archives: March 2012

Effective IEP Teams: Reality or Impossible Dream?


When parents build an effective team with the school, what does it look like? What happens at IEP meetings when staff and parents come together to develop an effective plan for a child with disabilities? It is basically the same set of people.  What is different about an effective team?

Meet Bob and Casey

In the first part of a series, our Family Partnership Support introduces Bob and Casey, and their child, Dalton. Dalton is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. They sat down with us recently to share advice and their hopes for the future as parents.

Autism Family Photo Time with The Easter Bunny

ABOARD’s Autism Connection of PA has teamed up with two local malls to provide “Autism Family Photo Time with The Easter Bunny” The Mall will be closed to the public so that our children with autism may have the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny in a less stimulating environment....