St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy Graduates Sixteen Students

On a lovely June day, friends and family of St.Stephen’s seniors gathered to celebrate one of life’s milestones: high school graduation. Sixteen promising young adults stood before a crowded room of loved ones and accepted their degrees of completion from St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy.

 Principal Peggy Ruefle likened the journeys of these sixteen students to the string of tumultuous weather occurrences making headlines in the news- at times turbulent, but in the end the staff at St. Stephen’s rally around a student just as communities rally together in times of distress to overcome challenges and build new foundations for life. “I am so proud of everything these students have accomplished,” Principal Ruefle stated.

 “There were times that I didn’t think I was going to make it,” shared one of our graduates in his address during the ceremony. “The teachers at St. Stephen’s and the support of my family got me through. They worked together to find ways to help, and they really cared about what I got out of my education. Their belief in me helped me to believe in myself.”

The graduating class of St. Stephen’s will receive their diplomas from their home school districts, but as one student exclaimed, “In my heart I am a St. Stephen’s graduate.”

St. Stephen’s provides residential and day school education to youth in grades 1-12. Educational programs include regular, alternative, enhanced, living skills, tertiary and autism education. Fifty school districts contract with St.

Stephen’s to educate students in need of emotional and behavioral support. Is St. Stephen’s right for your child? For more information, call Kelly Wheeler at 724-452-4453, ext. 1124.

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